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Notes for Mary Dubec Harris:
She was Mary Harris in the record of her marriage to Charles Beaujea n in Bostonin 1754 when she was aged 32. But in 1757 in Guadeloupe i n the baptismal record of her son Pierre Francois Beaujean she is call ed Marie Dubec. (It is notedin the record that she had an Anglican wed ding to Charles Beaujean in Boston, but the Catholic priest labeled Pi erre Francois as illegitimate!) In the record of son Charles Peter Bea ujean's second marriage in Guadeloupe in 1787 she is named as Marie Ha ris Dubec, so all these name variations apply to the same woman.

The French Catholic custom in the 18th Century was to always refer t o women by their maiden names. Since the priests on Guadeloupe conside red her to be a Dubec, that must have been her maiden name. She must h ave been married toa Mr. Harris in Boston before her marriage to Charl es Beaujean. By English custon, she would have remained Mary Harris af ter being widowed or divorced by Mr. Harris. Despite her French maide n name, according to her burial record, she was a native of Boston, no t Guadeloupe. (There is a Debec family on Guadeloupe but no Dubec fami ly.) She was also reported to be an Anglican. Of interest,there were F rench Huguenots named Dubec in London circa 1700, and people namedDube c in the Boston city directory in the 1820s. It is reasonable to imagi ne that she was born in Boston with French Huguenot ancestors.

Despite her Boston upbringing, she adapted well to life in the Frenc h Caribbean. She was already on Guadeloupe in 1757 and might have live d there continuously until her death in 1786. She was buried at St. Fr ancois parish in Basse-Terre.

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