Ghiliam Provoost and Maeijken Stevens

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Ghiliam Provoost and Maeijken Stevens

Ghiliam Provoost was a merchant residing in the business quarter of An twerp, Flanders, Belgium. He married first Maria Karreman in June 153 6 in the Sint Walburgis Kerk (St. Walburgis' Church), Antwerp, Flander s, Belgium and second Maeijken Stevens [1] 17 October 1564 in the Onze -Lieve- Vrouwkerk (Church of Our Lady), Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium. Th e Provoosts were members of the underground Protestant movement but ha d their children baptized in a Catholic Church for safety reasons.

Ghiliam, Maeijken, and their family fled Antwerp because of war, relig ious persecution, or both and eventually settled in Amsterdam, North H olland, Netherlands. Ghiliam's will was dated 28 Aug 1606 and is in th e Notarial Archives in Amsterdam. Maeijken, in this document, was note d as having died.

Ghiliam and Maria had:

  1. Maijcken Provoost, children mentioned in father's will, married Han s Mertens, died 5 Sep 1584 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.
  2. Elijsabeth Provoost, child mention in father's will, married Andrie s Jansz van der Muellen.

Ghiliam and Maeijken had:

  1. Anna Provoost, baptized 1 Jun 1566 in St. Walburgis' Church, Antwer p, Flanders, Belgium.
  2. Margareta Provoost, baptized 18 Dec 1567 in St. Walburgis' Church , Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium, probably died before 10 Mar 1569.
  3. Margareta Provoost, baptized 10 Mar 1569 in St. Walburgis' Church , Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium.
  4. Katherina Provoost, baptized 7 Jul 1570 in St. Walburgis' Church, A ntwerp, Flanders, Belgium, resided in the Nieuwezijds Afterburgwal i n Amsterdam for four years before her marriage, married Engbert Jobs z 17 Apr 1607 in Amsterdam, North Holand, Netherlands.
  5. Wilhelmus Provoost, baptized 12 Jan 1572 in St. Walburgis' Church , Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium, married Jenne Eerdewijns 2 Mar 1603 in t he
    Waals Hervormde Kerk (Walloon Reformed Church), Dordrecht, South Holla nd, Netherlands.
  6. Sara Provoost, baptized 7 Aug 1573 in St. Walburgis' Church, Antwer p, Flanders, Belgium.
  7. Esther Provoost, baptized 13 Sep 1574 in St. Walburgis' Church, Ant werp, Flanders, Belgium, married David Damman (marriage intention file d 14 April
  8. Adam Provoost, baptized 14 Aug 1575 in St. Walburgis' Church, Antwe rp, Flanders, Belgium.

[1] In Ghiliam's will, Maeijken is called Marie Stevens Pietersdaughte r. This raises the question: was her father then Steven Pieters?

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