The following was taken from the Windham Journal:

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The following was taken from the Windham Journal:
Messrs. Editors : January 9, 1877.
As the last days of the Centennial were passing away I recalled an inc ident in my father’s (the late Curtis Prout) life which I think worth y of record. The day on which he first crossed the Catskill mountai n and reached his home in the valley of the Bataviakill was the last d ay of the century, the last day of the year, the last day of the month , and the last day of the week. He emigrated from Middletown, Ct., wi th his father and the time here mentioned was twenty years of age. A s with an ox-team and cart he slowly neared his destination, a cheerin g spectacle met his gaze. The old meeting house was being raised, an d then he halted and met his brother Harris Prout and brother-in-law , Russell Gladding, and Mr. Cook, father of the late Ichabod Cook, wh o had come on the year before and were at work on the building, bein g carpenters

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