"Sprague Families in America", by Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague, Page 37 . William Sprague, and his wif…

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"Sprague Families in America", by Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague, Page 37 . William Sprague, and his wife Esther were admitted to the Congregati onal Church in Columbia, CT in 1768. He bought land in New Marlborough , MA June 4, 1782, where his widow Esther was residing in 1790. It i s said that William Sprague was a Revolutionary soldier and was discha rged from the army an invalid. September 6, 1797, James Sprague of Ne w Marlborough was appointed guardian of Jesse Sprague, son of Willia m Sprague, deceased, of said New Marlborough, a minor above the age o f fourteen years.

From Paula Rigano-Murray, correspondent, note of September 23rd, 2003
From "The Town of Covington", by Karen Milligan from Historical Wyomin g January 1991, Warsaw, NY. There are two separate Sprague references . The first involves Wm. & John Sprague and their sister, Mrs. Jariu s Cruttenden, the first family of Covington: "From the shadows of th e Green Mountains to the sunny flats of the Oatka came Jarius Cruttend en. It is said that the day of the great eclipse of 1806, he chose hi s land "Here at the Big Spring, a few rods south of where Pearl Cree k empties into the Oatka" he cleared 2 or 3 acres and built a dwelling . He made an agreement with the Holland Land Company at Batavia, an ag reement which was later reneged." pg. 68 There are several more paragr aphs on Cruttenden which I would be happy to transcribe for you if int erested, since his children are Sprague descendants. "About 1807 0r 8 , the brothers of Mrs. Jarius Cruttenden, William and John Sprague, se ttled east on the same lot. William, a hatter soon built a log house a nd opened a shop while John built a tannery in the new settlement." pg . 68

Book: Sprague Families in America Supplement, Sprague, Dr. Warren Vinc ent, (Chauncey, Ohio, privately published, 1940), "commissary for th e American Army during the Revolution, stationed at New York where Was hington's Army was for a time.", page 158

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