Reider-Underwood Genealogy

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May 26, 2019 - 11:49:15 p.m.

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Reider-Underwood Genealogy
April 3, 2019 - 6:52:03 p.m.

In 1974, I was tasked to study my family in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and compare their movements or actions to the time period of U.S. History. This would be a "Senior Thesis" prior to my graduation from college. I knew little about my family and so set out (with the help of my brother and mother) to uncover a bit of Reider/Heath family history. In the 40+ years since that time, I have endeavored to learn more about my ancestors and have added the ancestors of my wife (Underwood/Denaple) as well. In that regard, I am carrying on the work of my wife's mother and her late Aunt Bert who have been researching their lines. I also want to thank Herr Martin Dilger (a 4th cousin) for all of his help in German research and translating German church records. For more information go to :

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July 10, 2018 - 6:12:30 p.m.
Thanks to Martin Dilger for a massive update on the Reider/Reiter/Reuter family. His efforts have made my research into my fathers ancestors possible. Kudos to my German Cousin !
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Reider-Underwood Genealogy
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HUNSICKER (297), Reuter (291), REITER (227), MOOSMANN (154), GOODIER (121), RIDER (117), STORZ (106), Cox (101), SPRAGUE (102), Wilson (95)
Upcoming events
Matilda HunsickerJune 19, 1898121Death
Pauline ReuterJune 19, 1896123Birth
Jacob DenapleJune 19, 1889130Death
Hester Ann GoodierJune 19, 1874145Death
Rosanna MartinJune 19, 1860159Birth
Leo SohmerJune 19, 1839180Birth
Karolina ReiterJune 19, 1824195Birth
Jean Baptiste BeaujeanJune 19, 1746273Birth
Submit WilcoxJune 19, 1736283Birth
Josephus BroghammerJune 19, 1706313Death
Anna Maria RomingJune 19, 1700319Birth
Johannes StorzJune 19, 1698321Birth
Anna Katharina HaasJune 19, 1642377Birth
Severin REIDER + Josephine KLAUSNERJune 19, 1855164Marriage
Jacob Hug + Franzisca KingJune 19, 1735284Marriage
Mary Adelta HeckelJune 20, 1893126Birth
Samuel Parley HeathJune 20, 1856163Birth
Charles WilsonJune 20, 1814205Birth
Samuel HEATHJune 20, 1802217Birth
Henry SLADEJune 20, 1748271Birth
Anna MoosmannJune 20, 1738281Birth
Ephraim CoxJune 20, 1705314Birth
Catharina RouttJune 20, 1684335Birth
Johann Conrad StengerJune 20, 1675344Birth
Samuel FarwellJune 20, 1634385Death
Jacob Klausner + Theresia WanieczekJune 20, 1833186Marriage
Nicholas RUSHTON + Margaret RadcliffeJune 20, 1471548Marriage
Claude Milnot GoodierJune 21, 195960Death
Anna Alexis CarrollJune 21, 194673Death
Lillian Antha BeaujeanJune 21, 193782Death
Wilhelm ReuterJune 21, 1910109Death
Erhard ReiterJune 21, 1897122Death
Augusta FurtwänglerJune 21, 1891128Death
Henry Hobart BeaujeanJune 21, 1840179Birth
Magdalena ReuterJune 21, 1813206Birth
Margaret McMichaelJune 21, 1802217Birth
Simon KÜBELJune 21, 1760259Death
Anna Marie MaurerJune 21, 1749270Birth
Maria Babrbara HeckerJune 21, 1737282Birth
Constant WARWICKafter June 21, 1720299Death
Johannes MoosmannJune 21, 1692327Birth
Sylvester BaldwinJune 21, 1638381Death
Johannes TritschlerJune 21, 1625394Birth
Jerome Severin Reider + Louise BridgeJune 21, 193584Marriage
Charles Frank Beck + Anna Laura CarrollJune 21, 1911108Marriage
Philipp Reuter + Helen ArmbrusterJune 21, 1906113Marriage
Winbert Reuter + Sophie RappJune 21, 1902117Marriage
Johannes Broghammer + Anna GrimmJune 21, 1714305Marriage
Harold E. BeckenbachJune 22, 197940Death
Mary Belle CoxJune 22, 194871Death
Elizabeth Wheat DoolittleJune 22, 194079Death
Thomas McNamaraJune 22, 1894125Death
Isabell F ReynoldsJune 22, 1887132Death
Peter WeissJune 22, 1870149Death
Franz Joseph ReuterJune 22, 1864155Birth
Maria Magdalena ReuterJune 22, 1808211Birth
Christian ClauserJune 22, 1746273Death
Dorothy AlfordJune 22, 1709310Birth
Maria Elisabeth StorzJune 22, 1707312Death
Johannes ReuterJune 22, 1698321Birth
Magdalena AllgaierJune 22, 1683336Birth
Priscilla POOREJune 22, 1667352Birth
Bohan SHEPARD + Charlotte STANNARDJune 22, 1794225Marriage
Thomas Conway + Lydia GeorgeJune 22, 1778241Marriage
Hans Schiele + Catharina PfundsteinJune 22, 1715304Marriage
Eva Christiana GANSSJune 23, 1892127Death
John McBrienJune 23, 1867152Birth
Johanna Wilhelmina Caroline DannappelJune 23, 1862157Death
Jonas HunsickerJune 23, 1856163Birth
Barbara BeckerJune 23, 1846173Death
Amos UnderwoodJune 23, 1846173Death
Jemina WILCOXJune 23, 1834185Death
Benjamin WilsonJune 23, 1828191Birth
William H. WilsonJune 23, 1828191Birth
Zadoc RiderJune 23, 1827192Death
Mary Magdalena RinkerJune 23, 1823196Death
Owen HunsickerJune 23, 1818201Birth
Thomas GOODIERJune 23, 1770249Death
Josef KaltenbacherJune 23, 1735284Death
John FarwellJune 23, 1711308Birth
David Beaujean + Hannah SutherdJune 23, 1831188Marriage
Johannes Fidelis Tritschler + Anna Marie MaurerJune 23, 1770249Marriage
Deacon Samuel FARWELL + Elizabeth MOORSJune 23, 1737282Marriage
Andreas Hils + Magdalena ÖhlerJune 23, 1682337Marriage
Charles Peter BEAUJEANJune 24, 1878141Death
Emmanuel HarterJune 24, 1873146Death
Maria Rosa WinzerJune 24, 1860159Death
Catherine Anna BlossJune 24, 1835184Birth
Abraham KerrJune 24, 1804215Birth
Johan George RexJune 24, 1781238Birth
Magdalena BühlerJune 24, 1766253Birth
Mary BuellJune 24, 1718301Death
Thomas KimberlyJune 24, 1604415Birth
Robert White + Bridget AllgarJune 24, 1585434Marriage
Phebe A. CoxJune 25, 192990Death
Jennie S HunsickerJune 25, 1875144Birth
Asahel ALFORDJune 25, 1853166Death
Maria Anna ReuterJune 25, 1833186Death
Pleasant HuffmanJune 25, 1833186Birth
Severin REIDERJune 25, 1826193Birth
Caspar Elias DillerJune 25, 1787232Death
Margaretha LehmannJune 25, 1685334Birth
John de MowbrayJune 25, 1340679Birth
Eleanor of ProvenceJune 25, 1291728Death
Lukas Hils + Maria RomingJune 25, 1849170Marriage
Andreas Zanger + Maria ReuterJune 25, 1825194Marriage