Reider-Underwood Genealogy

New Gedcom
July 10, 2018 - 6:12:30 p.m.
Thanks to Martin Dilger for a massive update on the Reider/Reiter/Reuter family. His efforts have made my research into my fathers ancestors possible. Kudos to my German Cousin !
Reider-Underwood Genealogy
January 21, 2018 - 11:09:03 p.m.
In 1974, I was tasked to study my family in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and compare their movements or actions to the time period of U.S. History. This would be a "Senior Thesis" prior to my graduation from college. I knew little about my family and so set out (with the help of my brother and mother) to uncover a bit of Reider/Heath family history. In the 40+ years since that time, I have endeavored to learn more about my ancestors and have added the ancestors of my wife (Underwood/Denaple) as well. In that regard I am carrying on the work of of my wife's mother and her late Aunt Bert who have been researching their lines. I also want to thank Herr Martin Dilger (a 4th cousin!) for all of his help in German research and translating German church records. For more information go to:
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Reider-Underwood Genealogy
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Top 10 surnames
HUNSICKER (297), Reuter (290), REITER (227), MOOSMANN (154), GOODIER (121), RIDER (117), STORZ (106), Cox (101), SPRAGUE (102), Wilson (92)
Upcoming events
William Joseph DenapleDecember 10, 198434Death
Josephine ReuterDecember 10, 194375Death
Charles Arthur ShepherdDecember 10, 194276Death
Magdalena BeckerDecember 10, 1893125Death
Maria Anna ReiterDecember 10, 1860158Death
Ann Elizabeth GoodierDecember 10, 1841177Birth
Josefa KernDecember 10, 1837181Death
Joseph Fridolin WinzerDecember 10, 1813205Death
Zeruah AlfordDecember 10, 1797221Birth
Karolina MaierDecember 10, 1796222Birth
Elikim SpragueDecember 10, 1786232Death
Elizabeth RexDecember 10, 1781237Birth
Johannes PeterDecember 10, 1778240Birth
Samuel RIDERabout December 10, 1777241Birth
Isaac COXDecember 10, 1777241Birth
Catherina BAURDecember 10, 1771247Death
Franz Joseph ZollerDecember 10, 1756262Birth
Jakob RappDecember 10, 1756262Death
Theresia HAASDecember 10, 1743275Birth
Sarah DENNISDecember 10, 1725293Birth
Sarah WoodmanseeDecember 10, 1723295Death
MaryDecember 10, 1705313Death
Lydia EamesDecember 10, 1694324Birth
Silas Whetcomb + Lydia UnderwoodDecember 10, 1780238Marriage
Mark Graves + Elisabeth RichardsonDecember 10, 1730288Marriage
Juanita A. AdsitDecember 11, 194474Death
Elizabeth BeckenbachDecember 11, 193682Death
Nettie Rose JohnsonDecember 11, 193682Death
George Washington WhiteDecember 11, 192296Death
Mary Elizabeth GoodierDecember 11, 1904114Death
Nicolaus ReiterDecember 11, 1901117Death
Jesse HarterDecember 11, 1893125Death
Claude Merwin BeaujeanDecember 11, 1879139Birth
Johannes RexDecember 11, 1871147Death
Maria ReuterDecember 11, 1870148Death
Alfred HunsickerDecember 11, 1856162Birth
Agatha MaurerDecember 11, 1788230Birth
Abiel KENYONDecember 11, 1733285Birth
Maria KönigDecember 11, 1733285Death
Maria Eva RauchDecember 11, 1714304Birth
Blanche Florence FreemanDecember 12, 194573Death
Catherine McBreenDecember 12, 192791Death
Washington F RandolphDecember 12, 192494Death
Mary V. ReiderDecember 12, 192395Death
Sarah FortuneDecember 12, 1888130Birth
Richard Harley SpragueDecember 12, 1871147Birth
Olive BeaujeanDecember 12, 1813205Birth
Christina FallerDecember 12, 1763255Birth
Eva BilzDecember 12, 1736282Death
Brewster Higley 2dDecember 12, 1709309Birth
Thomas ELLISDecember 12, 1690328Death
Matthäus StorzDecember 12, 1678340Death
Adam TritschlerDecember 12, 1661357Birth
Patience BrewsterDecember 12, 1634384Death
John FosterDecember 12, 1624394Birth
Elisha A. Kenyon + … …December 12, 1811207Marriage
Francis Jeffrey III + Mary LongstreetDecember 12, 1757261Marriage
James Allen + Lydia AdamsDecember 12, 1672346Marriage
Hans LAUER + Maria GÖTZDecember 12, 1656362Marriage
Reginald ButlerDecember 13, 20108Death
Ruth Adelaide KelseyDecember 13, 1905113Death
Maria Eva MoosmannDecember 13, 1794224Birth
Johan Peter KennelDecember 13, 1775243Death
Jonathan UnderwoodDecember 13, 1748270Birth
Andreas HilsDecember 13, 1734284Death
Luzia HilsDecember 13, 1728290Death
Johann Wendel KüntzerDecember 13, 1719299Birth
Anna Maria AllgayerDecember 13, 1666352Birth
Mary WILDERDecember 13, 1658360Death
Thomas ELLISDecember 13, 1629389Birth
Rusell Goodier DunmoreDecember 14, 193583Death
Ida HeathDecember 14, 1889129Birth
Margaret LaswellDecember 14, 1888130Death
Susan SpragueDecember 14, 1879139Birth
Christina ReuterDecember 14, 1876142Birth
Leroy WilsonDecember 14, 1856162Birth
Sallie Ann HunsickerDecember 14, 1843175Birth
Konstantin ReiterDecember 14, 1838180Death
Therseia ReuterDecember 14, 1822196Birth
Betsy GoodierDecember 14, 1799219Birth
Andreas FallerDecember 14, 1798220Death
Anna Margaretha MäyDecember 14, 1763255Birth
Anna Margaretha BeckenbachDecember 14, 1759259Birth
Isaac Van Hookbefore December 14, 1754264Birth
Elijah ALFORDDecember 14, 1732286Birth
Christian FlaigDecember 14, 1721297Death
Johann Bernardus KreidenweissDecember 14, 1718300Birth
Anne GamlettDecember 14, 1695323Death
Hans Bernhard VOGELDecember 14, 1666352Birth
Gregor TritschlerDecember 14, 1664354Birth
Franziskus Antonius Reuter + Maria Klara FlaigDecember 14, 1797221Marriage
Abraham MOORE + Priscilla POOREDecember 14, 1687331Marriage
Ethel Susan WilsonDecember 15, 198830Death
Claudia Daisy ROBINSONDecember 15, 1917101Death
Anna DinkeyDecember 15, 1900118Death
Clara RichDecember 15, 1883135Birth
Allen Joseph Freeman DDSDecember 15, 1867151Birth
Catherine CarrollDecember 15, 1845173Birth
Thomas ReuterDecember 15, 1833185Birth
Beata ReuterDecember 15, 1833185Birth
Jakob ReiterDecember 15, 1833185Birth
Anonymous ReuterDecember 15, 1826192Birth
Anonymous ReuterDecember 15, 1826192Death
Stephanus ReuterDecember 15, 1826192Birth
Salome FALLERDecember 15, 1825193Death
Anson CrosbyDecember 15, 1802216Birth
Samuel W WoodmanseeDecember 15, 1797221Birth
Franziska MoosmannDecember 15, 1794224Death
Magdalena KingDecember 15, 1790228Birth
Johann ReiterDecember 15, 1754264Birth
Thomas HerzogDecember 15, 1742276Birth
Christian LamprechtDecember 15, 1728290Death
Christian HaasDecember 15, 1715303Birth
Christian HaasDecember 15, 1715303Birth
Johannes StorzDecember 15, 1684334Birth
Susannah RouttDecember 15, 1681337Birth
Nathaniel HallDecember 15, 1678340Birth
John MayoDecember 15, 1652366Birth
Joaneabout December 15, 1593425Death
John Winters + Florence Ella HeathDecember 15, 1877141Marriage
Eleanor Elizabeth Van BurenDecember 16, 200315Death
Teressa May SaffordDecember 16, 194078Death
John Jerome REIDERDecember 16, 192395Birth
William H. WilsonDecember 16, 1893125Death
Mariette SpragueDecember 16, 1882136Birth
Richard AdsitDecember 16, 1877141Death
Theresia ReuterDecember 16, 1842176Birth
Maria Magdalena ReuterDecember 16, 1841177Death
Katherine KenyonDecember 16, 1832186Birth
Lucreta KenyonDecember 16, 1781237Birth
Anna SohmerDecember 16, 1767251Death
Thomas FarwellDecember 16, 1731287Death
Johann Theobald KÜNTZERDecember 16, 1731287Death
Elisabeth HufnagelDecember 16, 1723295Birth
Anna RappDecember 16, 1690328Death
Hannah CHAWKLEYDecember 16, 1662356Death
Levi Hunsicker + Leanna GeigerDecember 16, 1894124Marriage
Elisha KELSEY + Margaret Adams KENYONDecember 16, 1811207Marriage